Life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move.



Adelaine Muth moved to South Bend for the summer to install art inside Vested Interest. See her work in progress and hear her perspective on the city ahead of The Birdsell Project’s opening reception.


Pod.SB is back for Season 2 with a new co-host and new theme: South Bend on Purpose. Tune in to the first episode.


After a two year hiatus, The Birdsell Project is back. Watch local artists Eli Kahn and Krista Hoefle, together STRT/SLCT, create an ambitious light + sound installation inside Vested Interest.


Studebaker’s Avanti is long off the production line, but South Bend is far from finished.

Just blocks from the hallowed assembly plant sits INVANTI, a burgeoning startup generator building companies that matter.

Three classic AVANTI advertisements, rebuilt in homage to our heritage and respect to our new economy.

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From local food to local energy, Purple Porch Co-op is pushing their mission forward with the addition of 42 solar panels atop their East Bank store.


Ford Street, populated by a flawless mixture of homes and storefronts, runs through the heart of South Bend's West Side. Travel down a classic stretch on a beautiful Spring day in the Rust Belt.


Last weekend Homebody House Concert Festival took over nine homes in three South Bend neighborhoods for nine house concerts. It was a ball.


Lacopo's Pizzeria opened in July of 1989 in a brick storefront on the corner of Lincoln Way West and Ardmore Trail. Two siblings, Frank and Rita, aim to carry on their father's rich tradition of classic pizza by hand.