In Awe - St. Adalbert's Parish

St. Adalbert's Parish stands as a century-old anchor in a West Side immigrant neighborhood. Experience symbolic paintings and Gothic Revival views inside this historic landmark.


Linden Avenue – That's South Bend

Linden Avenue runs through the heart of #SouthBend's West Side. On a cold December afternoon we hit an archetypal row of storefronts on the 1600 block.


Lost In The Grid – LangLab

Tucked away on High Street in the South East neighborhood is a warehouse we call LangLab. Here we begin our new series chronicling people + places on the grid.


Alex sej – POD.SB EP3


Pod.SB captures life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move. We interview with artists, entrepreneurs, and people who get things done for our local culture.



South Bend's local Instagrammers explored The Morris and captured sunset views on top of a downtown parking garage. Experience the crew through photographs.