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Life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move.

The Vonnegut House

On the first weekend of May, thirteen friends traveled to Culver, Indiana to spend three days in the Clemens Vonnegut Jr. House, a 130-year-old summer cottage that has become emblematic of a community’s fight for its soul.

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The $6 Million Side Project – Live at The Hibberd

Jacob and Dustin interview three partners in The Hibberd about their decision to risk time and money on a restoration project, The Hibberd’s contribution to South Bend’s resurgent narrative, and their vision of a vibrant, walkable downtown.

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Dyngus Day in South Bend

It’s 11:00AM and the corner of Ford and Warren is astir. “POTUS Pete” tees, Mayor Luecke glad-hands, scribbling journalists, a scrapyard’s worth of bumper stickers—all animated by the constant peal of polka music. It’s Dyngus Day in South Bend.

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Snow Day On Birdsell

Birdsell, Linden, and Liston are streets synonymous with the West Side of South Bend. On a frigid January afternoon we ventured on a photo walk through the neighborhood and considered its past as a vibrant African-American business district.

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Lacopo’s Pizzeria

Lacopo's Pizzeria opened in July of 1989 in a brick storefront on the corner of Lincoln Way West and Ardmore Trail. Two siblings, Frank and Rita, aim to carry on their father's rich tradition of classic pizza by hand.

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a million ideas – the bendix headquarters

The Bendix Corporation’s former West Side home evokes a time of innovation and industry in South Bend. Experience remnants of Art Deco architecture, a private theater, and opulent executive offices inside this historic landmark.

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Restoration at The Hibberd Building

The Hibberd Building has been restored its former glory as a residential and retail space in downtown South Bend. Experience rooftop terrace views and industrial features inside this historic print shop.

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Afternoon on Ford Street

Ford Street, populated by a flawless mixture of homes and storefronts, runs through the heart of South Bend's West Side. Travel down a classic stretch on a beautiful Spring day in the Rust Belt.

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The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Amazon’s HQ2 decision serves as a good reminder: they and the other tech giants should not, nay, deserve not come to South Bend.

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