Just a Kid from Haney Street w/ Shawn Henderson


On Season 2 of Pod.SB we interview a diverse group of people who are here living life on purpose. 

In this sixth episode we talk with Shawn Henderson, the head principal at South Bend’s Riley High School. Shawn brings a unique perspective to this role because he grew up on Haney Street just a couple blocks from the school.

Our conversation weaves through stories of Shawn’s upbringing and career that together illustrate first, how a kid from the South East side became the unlikely principle of his neighborhood school, and two, how that background makes him a powerful and positive force for our city’s youth. It is easy to be discouraged by the state of public school. Talking with Shawn was refreshing and gave us hope that, at least in our neighborhood, school can be a place of growth.

It’s a good one.

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