Life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move.


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Jada McLean – S1E11

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South Bend is the perfect place to pilot the solution to this problem

Originally from Los Angeles, Jada McLean moved to South Bend last year to be part of INVANTI's first cohort. INVANTI is a new startup generator focused on pairing aspiring entrepreneurs with issues facing our community.

Jada is building Hurry Home, a business aiming to close a gap in our housing market. While banks cannot profitably offer mortgages homes below a certain value, Jada and her co-founder John believe that investment paired with a re-imagination of what we call 'land contracts' can solve this problem. She explains this much better than I ever could, so if you're intrigued press play.

Pod.SB captures life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move. We interview with artists, entrepreneurs, and people who get things done for our local culture.

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