A Night at The Armory


On Monday, August 12th we hosted a party at Ironhand Wine Bar inside The Armory to celebrate end of South Bend on Purpose Season 3.

This season we hosted a series of live recording events to tell the stories of people who are betting on South Bend by investing new purpose into old spaces, whether that's an old industrial building or a once lively plot of land; people whose internal purpose has manifested itself into a physical part of our city – the streets, parks, buildings, and restaurants of South Bend. The Armory certainly fits the bill.

Not deterred by the rain, a crowd gathered shortly after 5:00 p.m. for an evening comprising a live podcast recording with Brad and Regina Emberton, the duo behind The Armory's transformation, eclectic vinyl spun live by Ethan Marosz, tours of the building, and spirited conversation.

For the team behind the podcast, it was an encouraging evening.

Audio of this conversation will come out on South Bend on Purpose in the coming weeks (Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | Radio Public | Stitcher).

For today, enjoy photographs of the night shot by Helen Cramer: