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Downtown Matters – Live at LaSalle Kitchen & Tavern

Jacob and Dustin explore the history of South Bend’s oldest standing commercial building with Mark McDonnell, the building’s owner and founder of both LaSalle Grill and LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern.

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Introducing Season 3 of South Bend on Purpose

In Season 3 of South Bend on Purpose, we'll tell the stories of people who are betting on South Bend by investing new purpose into old spaces, whether that's an old industrial building or a once lively plot of land; people whose internal purpose has manifested itself into a physical part of our city.

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My City Is My Assignment w/ Kintae Lark

Kintae Lark, the founder of Inspiration Barber-Salon, joins the pod to discuss how the challenges he faced growing up makes him a powerful and positive force for our city’s youth and why he firmly believes that his city, South Bend, is his assignment.

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