Introducing Season 3 of South Bend on Purpose

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In Season 2 of South Bend on Purpose, we talked to twelve people about their purpose – why they're doing what they're doing in South Bend. People in public service like Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Kareemah Fowler, or Shawn Henderson, who grew up on Haney Street and went on to become the principle of Riley High School. Entrepreneurs like Dave Matthews, Michelle Fitzgerald, and Max Brickman. Faith leaders like Jason Miller of South Bend City Church, and activists like Kintae Lark.

In Season 3 of South Bend on Purpose, we'll tell the stories of people who are betting on South Bend by investing new purpose into old spaces, whether that's an old industrial building or a once lively plot of land; people whose internal purpose has manifested itself into a physical part of our city – the streets, parks, buildings, and restaurants of South Bend. People like Mark McDonnell, owner of LaSalle Grill, who spent almost 30 years investing in the oldest commercial building in our city, or the partners of The Hibberd, who recently opened up a mixed use apartment and retail space in an old downtown printing plant.

Each episode will tell the story of a space in South Bend, and the season will be structured around a series of live events where you'll be able to come hear us interview the people that have invested into those spaces. Each of these live recordings will be recorded and editing into episodes that will go deeper into the story.

We want to challenge you to consider, while you're driving through the city – whether on the way to work, or to a restaurant, or taking your kids to school – where did these spaces come from and why do they matter so much to our city?

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