Homebody – S1E16


Myles Robertson is a major contributor to South Bend's conscious and creative culture as the co-founder of The Birdsell Project, General Manager at The Purple Porch Co-op, and now founder of Homebody House Concert Festival. Homebody is a 3-day, 9-venue, 9-show festival taking place in South Bend's Near Northwest, Near West, and Monroe Park Neighborhoods.

Artists from Alaska, Maine, Michigan, and more are coming to our city to live and play in people's homes. The lineup also includes local artists Eli Kahn and Adam Shead.

Myles has been hosting these intimate concerts for a couple years, but now seeks to make South Bend a destination for people searching quality music, and artists looking to exhibit their craft.

We sat down to discuss the mission behind Myles' various creative projects, and what kind of people open up their homes to the house concert crowds. 

For more information, including weekend/day/shows passes, hit the website: homebodyhouseconcertfest.com

Watch + Listen below: