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Dyngus Day in South Bend

It’s 11:00AM and the corner of Ford and Warren is astir. “POTUS Pete” tees, Mayor Luecke glad-hands, scribbling journalists, a scrapyard’s worth of bumper stickers—all animated by the constant peal of polka music. It’s Dyngus Day in South Bend.

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Snow Day on Birdsell

Birdsell, Linden, and Liston are streets synonymous with the West Side of South Bend. On a frigid January afternoon we ventured on a neighborhood photo walk and considered its past as a vibrant African-American business district.

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Home at the Lasalle

The LaSalle Hotel has been restored to it's former glory as a new apartment space in downtown South Bend. Experience rooftop views and unique features inside this historical landmark.

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