To Seattle & Back Again


My dear friend Rusty moved to Washington State last week. I chose to share the photos from our cross-country trip because on top of being a friend to me, Rusty was a friend to South Bend. He leaves behind a wealth of contribution to people, businesses, and organizations all over our city.

South Bend will experience the fruit of Rusty's contribution for years to come. Even if we only consider his influence on West.SB – all of my endeavors in the last 2 years were channelled through conversations with Rusty and Kristen, my wife. I don't know who I would be today without his influence on my life.

We left Cottage Grove Avenue (we lived on the same block) at 7AM on Tuesday, heading straight for Seattle. Here is our journey:


We drove for 21 straight hours to begin the trip, stopping at 4AM on Wednesday for 2 hours of sleep in a parking lot. This next photo captures the sunrise around 6AM, moments after we woke up:


#NowPlaying: The Moth Radio Hour


On our path across Washington we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls, a waterfall well-known for it's appearance in the show Twin Peaks. I captured a short video of the falls on my Instagram, and joined the throng of photographers to grab a couple shots:


Arrival // Seattle, WA


Our first stop in Seattle was Thai Tom, Rusty's favorite Thai restaurant (in the world?). This was a big deal to me, Rusty lived in Thailand for a number of years so I trust his judgement of Panang Curry above all others. We ate our curry at this bus stop, and then proceeded on a driving tour of the city:




The previous photos were shot along 99, a raised highway running along the water. On one side we had sunset views of the Sound, on the other we had a classic cityscape. My kind of spot. We followed that up by driving our 16-foot box truck (towing a car) through Pikes Place Market:

Yea, I’m from Seattle, there’s hella Honda Civics
— Macklemore, White Walls

Mount Rainier


The first leg of my return flight took me from Seattle to Las Vegas. I wasn't prepared the #views coming my way. We flew right past Mount Rainer, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, and Death Valley. This was my first time ever seeing Washington, Oregon, and Nevada – I now understand the left coast hype.

#shotoniphone in flight:


We love and miss you, Rusty.