Miami Village Snowed Out


At noon on Saturday February 10th I, accompanied by my friend Josh, took to Miami Village for a frigid, snowy photo walk. Miami Village, populated by storefronts, churches, homes, and a cemetery, stretches through the South East side of South Bend.

We began near Lincoln Way East, walked South on Miami, and turned around near Ewing. See our perspective on the village:


Unfortunately, I think a lot of people who don't live on the South or South East sides of the city forget about Miami Village. When we think about old corridors of storefronts filled with small, family businesses our minds often go straight to West Side streets.

I grew up familiar with Western Avenue and Lincoln Way West, but only recently have I put my feet on Miami Street's sidewalks. Shooting this story opened my eyes to what's missed when we only experience the city through car windows.






Snow has a magnificent way of bringing out the vibrant colors and textures of city buildings. All of the ground and trees are wiped clean, leaving only vertical surfaces untouched.

Miami Village Church exemplifies this. Its difficult to overstate how surprised and excited we were to come across such a beaming wall:


If you need a point of entry for experiencing Miami Village, Javier's Bistro is the spot. It's hard to miss:

Memories made in the coldest winter
— Kanye west