Night at the Hideaway


In Home at the LaSalle we explored rooftop views and unique features in the newly renovated LaSalle Apartments in Downtown South Bend. One of these features, a cozy first-floor retail space covered in dark hardwood, found new life this weekend as a cocktail bar with a speakeasy vibe. It's name – The Hideaway at the LaSalle.

I captured steampunk aesthetics during the soft opening and grand opening levity with a group of friends, both of which are reflected in this story. Into the night:

My vision became Prohibition meets steampunk.
— Jerry Roberts, co-owner

Death In The Afternoon


On Saturday we hit the Hideaway with an old 7.2 megapixel point and shoot camera, highly anticipating grainy portrait season. Members of the delegation included the South Bend Code School crew, my wife Kristen, Trey (as seen in West.SB cloth), SBCSC computer science teacher extraordinaire Kristen Haubold, and more:  

I love the old wood vibe ... the space is warm and inviting”
— Jerry Roberts, co-owner

Searching for more LaSalle views? Peep our June story Home At The LaSalle. Photos of me (Jacob Titus) shot by Helen Cramer.