Lost in the Grid – LangLab


1302 High Street

Tucked away on High Street in the South East neighborhood – a 33,000 square foot warehouse we call LangLab. In an attempt to put it simply, The Lab is a burgeoning cultural hub consisting of artist studios, a gallery, small business spaces, a concert venue, and a bar. For many, it is much more.

Growing up my mother referred to our neighborhoods surrounding downtown as 'the grid.' To begin our new series 'Lost in the Grid' I descended on The Lab's bar with Alex Liggins, a friend and co-founder of South Bend Code School. You're now here:


You're now here or you're nowhere.


With Zen Café upstairs, Eco Owl Press downstairs, and the West.SB studio on nearby Sample Street, I make frequent stops at LangLab. It is difficult to overestimate the impact that this relatively small but well-populated building has on our local culture and individual sense of place.

In our increasingly mobile world, it's become common to lack a sense of place – a commitment to and love for your home (or current residence). Places like The Lab, surviving in the grid, stand in this gap to bring us home.


Grid tee returns soon.